Saturday, June 26, 2010


When we went on holiday we got XM Radio in the car and I LOVE it. I can listen to Chris Moyles on Radio 1 in the morning and loads of other channels. Marvelous!

Listening to the World Cup though is hit & miss, depending on the commentator. Tommy what's his face who's Irish is terrible. So anti-English and annoying that I have to turn over.
And I love America (I really do) but the coverage by American commentators has been bad. I'll try my best to describe it:

An English commentator would say: "And it's Donovan down the middle, looking to cross and he sees Dempsey and crosses, who tries for goal but OHH! it's wide and it goes for a corner. This is the world cup game USA versus Ghana who are leading 1-0".

An American commentator would say: "And here's Donovan. He plays for Everton and did really well in the last world cup. He's a great player. In the last world cup he scored six times but can't seem to get his mojo on this time. Why do you think that is Joe? Yes I agree. He just tried for goal but no result, though they have a corner. Now let me introduce our sponsors."

Totally awful. More tactics please. More score updates please. Much less nonsensical jabbering please.

Can you tell I'm wound up?

I was very sad for the USA team today and I'm nervous as hell for the morning. We are meeting 40 other expats at a pub for a full English breakfast & then the game. I might really push the boat out and eat black pudding. Come on England!

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