Another Milestone for Jack

Jack's gone through some kind of metamorphosis this week. He's talking loads more and saying all kinds of new words (door, window, outside, dog, cat, wellie and butterfly to name a few). He's also started having the most obnoxious tantrums. Like clockwork, these tantrums are thrown whenever he wants to go outside or we try and bring him inside after playing in the garden. He can be freezing cold and he'll still throw a fit when I bring him in. He stood by the back door, crying as loud as he could shouting "no" for about 10 minutes on Saturday, just because I brought him in for dinner. It was exhausting to watch and no amount of cajoling or trying to play would bring him out of it. In the end, I just have to ignore him till he stops. I know he's a normal toddler - I just wasn't expecting the whole tantrum thing to be so frustrating.

Happy as Larry outside in the garden. It's a good job we like to spend our weekends outside too as taking him into the house results in catastrophic meltdown.

The BIG milestone for Jack this weekend - transition from crib to toddler bed! We didn't do this because we had nothing better to do this weekend. We did it because I literally caught him climbing out of his crib and about to launch himself off the rails, Superman style.

He didn't have the reaction to his crib liberation that I thought he would. I thought he'd be up all night playing and never get in his bed, or fall asleep somewhere weird, like the wardrobe or floor. As it happens, he was terrified to be left alone with it. Something about it just scared him to death and it took us a long time last night to soothe him to sleep. It makes sense to me that going from a big old safe crib to an open bed would be a tad scary. Anyhow, today he had his afternoon nap okay and so far he's gone down tonight really well. I heard him playing but Craig checked in and he'd got back in bed to sleep.

He might be in a toddler bed now but he's still just a babe and he looks so small in the bed that it makes my heart ache. It's better than Superman stunts though.


Emily said…
Yikes, the toddler bed! I'm nervous to make the transition...but it makes me feel better that yours seems to have gone well. And what a stinker about going outside! Katy loves going out, too, and I keep telling her, in a few weeks we'll be able to go outside everyday. But of course she doesn't get that...

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