A Day of Shawshank

One of my favourite films of all time is "The Shawshank Redemption" with Tim Robbins & Morgan Freeman, and it was filmed in Mansfield, Ohio. We went there on Sunday, starting off at Mansfield Reformatory which was the prison in the film, and then we did some of the Shawshank Trail including the park where Brookes fed the birds and the big old oak tree where the letter from Andy was buried.

The old reformatory,
and the big old oak tree ..

Mid-way through the afternoon we stopped at Malabar Farm Inn for some food and ended up sat next to a woman with zero tolerance for kids, who kept glaring at us and she had a face like she was chewing lemons the whole time. Craig thought it was funny but that kind of thing always stresses me out and makes dining no fun at all. I do wonder sometimes where these people think they came from? Do they think they were born aged 20?

We are supposed to be going back to the reformatory for their haunted tour of death row. They put you down in the cells in the pitch black on your own and I'm not sure I have the mettle for it. I thought it might be fun but after I listened to a You Tube video of people screaming and crying down there I'm not so sure. The words pee and pants come to mind.


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