A Quick Trip to Gettysburg

We went to Gettysburg, PA this past weekend. The battle of Gettysburg in 1863 was the turning point of the American Civil War that lead to the north's victory. Over 50,000 men lost their lives during the 3-day battle and the dead lay all over the fields and the town. The town was devastated by it and they did their best to bury the soldiers with dignity and then to remember them with memorials that are scattered for miles in and around the town and farmland. It's a very sad place to visit and gave me goosebumps, much like the battlefield of Culloden did years ago during a visit. Here's a few pictures ...

It was a long trip (7 hours drive each way) just for the weekend and we really could have done with staying there for 3 or 4 days but I'm still playing catch-up at work after Jack's illness. Doing Gettysburg in 24 hours seems so disrespectful somehow but I'm glad I got to take my family.


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