Saturday, October 30, 2010

Deers, Leaves and Scary Stuff

Craig went hunting today, hoping to get a deer with his bow and give us a freezer full of meat for winter. He went with a friend and as they were climbing up to their tree stands a 5-point buck came a wandering underneath. Craig said he considered yelling to his friend to just throw himself out of the tree to crush it to death but obviously that just made for a good story. So he came home windblown, sun burnt (been 62 & sunny here today) and in good spirits, even though he hasn't got one yet.

Me? Well I got up at 7.30 and turned into "Domestic Woman", who's a super hero but doesn't look good in Lycra. I was cleaning, scrubbing, hoovering, mopping, polishing, washing, tidying, picking up and throwing out (every time I picked up some plastic bit of crap that was obviously a toy with no relevance - BAM! DM struck and threw it in the rubbish). The kids and our dog hovered and didn't say too much, knowing that now was not a good time to interrupt mummy. At 12.30 I stopped (could have gone for hours) and took them out into the garden to play and have an outdoor picnic. That was great, raking all the leaves up so they could play in them.

In the evening we did Boo at the Zoo and I took them to see the Batman, Robin & Joker show. There was loud stuff & fighting (KAPOW! BAM!), and total villainy. And both my boys were scared to bloody death. Jack was mesmerized but I could see by his fist-clenching and face that he was terrified and Danny starting whimpering the second the Joker came to our part of the stage. I tried to tell them after the fact that it was pretend.

And so I have learned a great lesson again this week. Last week it was don't shelter from a tornado with Amish people. This week it's tell your kids that scary stuff is not true ahead of time.

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