The Little Gems of Ohio

As well as our trip to Gettysburg this time, we took my dad & Sheila around some places in Ohio. Here's a few little Ohioan gems ..

Me & Little Sure Shot's gravesite between Brock & Greenville.

My dad at Made Rite Cafe in Greenville, where they sell very unique sandwiches. And the whole building is covered in chewing gum! My dad is pointing to a spoon stuck to the wall.

In Dayton, Wilbur & Orville Wright's bicycle shop, next to the museum

Dad & Sheila

Our visit to Amish Country was a bit hairy and we took no photographs. In typical Pam style, I had a calamitous time. Severe thunderstorms raged and I found myself driving between two small towns on top of a hill, scared to death. The windscreen wipers couldn't keep up with the rain and the trees were blowing and losing so many leaves I couldn't see the road. Craig had previously texted me to say that tornadoes were in the vicinity. The weather got so bad I screeched into the parking lot of a farm shop, Starsky & Hutch style, and yelled at everyone to get into the shop for shelter. We burst through the farm shop door, drenched to the skin, into an AMISH shop. Damn & blast it. No basement shelter, no radio or tv to watch and get weather updates. And so while I was convinced we would all die by a horrible tornado, we in fact shopped for Swiss cheese and home made carrot cake.

And so, on to Zanesville ..

The famous Y Bridge, revered by Amelia Earhart for its easy point of aviation reference. It's also part of the Historic National Road.

Hartstone Pottery, where we got a free personal tour. We missed the official tour (also free) but they felt bad that visitors had come all the way from England. Some of the workers even gave up their lunch break to show us how the pottery was made, bless them.
One lady spent her days buffing the just-kilned clay bakewear and her work place was covered in clay dust and she was and I wondered why on earth she didn't wear a mask. I didn't ask of course. Far too chicken.


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