The Belated Retort

I have calmed down sufficiently now to tell you about a woman who told me off last weekend at the local library. Until yesterday I still got huffy about it and wanted to try and track her down and give her my witty retort. You know, the one that takes you about a week to think of.

So what was my crime? Me & Danny were in the kiddie area and there was one other mum and toddler in there. She was playing with a huge box of foam alphabet letters and they were scattered all over the floor. Danny was chewing reading board books and Jack was in the adjacent room looking at DVDs. I was sat at a table writing out letters and cards to send to England, so I wasn't exactly stood over my kids but I had them in my peripheral, spidey-mum vision.

Then I heard "DO NOT DO THAT!" and I looked up to see Danny stood on a foam letter and the other mum stood near him. She then said "It is NOT okay to stand on these toys!"

I got up and scooped him up and told him quietly not to stand on them and then of course I had hover over him while he tried in vain to stand on them, jump on them and chew them. He is two after all. We left soon after.

Here's the thing. I said nothing to her and it's bothering me. I really wish I had said something to her about it not being her job to discipline my kids. I discipline my kids. I was so hopping mad on the way home that I probably gave Ozzy Osbourne a run for his money on the use of the f-word. Under my breath of course. When I went to the park that afternoon I got it all off my chest with my friend Michelle and that helped a lot but I hope I see her again. I can see it now - she'll be in my local supermarket looking at the humus and this crazy English woman will approach her, swinging a whole-wheat bread stick in her face and giving her a sound telling off. It's a nice little daydream I'm having right now.


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