Nurture Shock

What a week it's been and it's not even Friday! I do realise that I keep harping on about how busy I am (blah blah blah) and I know everybody is busy these days so I'll just shut up. But I REALLY am stretched at the minute, honest. The dust bunnies, infestations of ants and half-painted walls in my house will attest to that very fact. "So get off your arse and go look after those things" you are thinking. But no I will not. Blogging and spending mindless minutes on Facebook helps me relax.

Talking of mindless stuff, Jack's pre-school teacher Mrs M (who does not own a television and reminds me of the fact every week) gave me a 1994 newspaper article to read on the evil that is Power Rangers and then tried to engage me in a "let's try and get him interested in a more docile activity" conversation. The fact that she is so nuts that she had kept this bit of newspaper since 1994 should have been a good reason not to read it but of course I did. Mmmmm. Still not getting it Mrs M.

Here's why the Power rangers (according to said paper) are supposedly bad for kids: they promote violence, they don't actually tell a good story, and kids become obsessed with them. Result = teachers don't know how to manage it.

Here's what I think: It has magnified Jack's imagination and he will spend hours play-acting on his own and with Danny, he never hurts anybody, it's the good guy versus the bad and he wants to be the good - and who hasn't played cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians?, and yes, he's obsessed with them right now but it's cute and funny and he loves it, so really - where is the harm in this?

I met several mums last night at the park that have just read "Nurture Shock" and they urged me to read it so I have booked it at the library and will do just that. According to this book, the Power Rangers are the good ones. Phew. Maybe I'm not a hideous parent. Oh, but then apparently Spongebob is bad for kids. All that sarcasm and rudeness (and fun - lets be honest here). Maybe Craig and I can still watch him when the boys are in bed? Kidding of course. Anyway, I have been reading reviews about it and can't wait to read this book.

My boys will hopefully love books as much as me and they will be well-rounded, outdoor boys that do not act like couch-potatoes. But the telly STAYS.


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