The Royal Wedding

The wedding yesterday was glorious wasn't it? I celebrated all day long with two parties and a lot of TV watching. My friend from Ireland (who couldn't give a flying F for the Royal family, was absolutely gracious and my friend enough that he brought the cake, pictured left). I still haven't got bored of it and watched some You Tube videos even today. Wasn't it wonderful to spend the day celebrating two people that genuinely loved each other and also to watch all of the pomp & circumstance. Marvelous! And such a great distraction from all the heartache and trouble and depression of real life.

When the telly cameras did that high view of the Abbey showing the four aisles, it gave me goosebumps. I also choked-up a few times. The first time when William and Harry first got to the Abbey and I was sad that Diana couldn't see how handsome and wonderful her boys were, and then during the vows, and then when they sang Jerusalem. Although every time I hear Jerusalem I get homesick since its such a patriotic song for England. I was with some wonderful ex-pat British women throughout the wedding and we were all feeling the same pride and homesickness. It was great to be with my fellow countrymen and we all wore hats!
On the funny side, the spoof Queen's Twitter Account is funny and it was refreshing watching/listening to the American coverage of the wedding. On CBS the anchor announced Mohamed Al Fayed's arrival at the Abbey and I have been confused for a couple of days about why he would be there since he's accused the Royals of killing Dodi and Diana. Turns out it was in fact the King of Tonga! Ha ha ha.

So I am loud and proud about this wedding. I love that these young people love each other. I am in awe of the splendor of the Abbey, the history entwined in the ceremony, the London sights and all the details of the occasion, and I am very proud to be British. And there's more to come! In 2012 Queen Elizabeth will celebrate 60 years on the throne and it's the London Olympics.


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