Happy St. Georges Day 2011!

We went to the Easter egg hunt this morning and Danny HATED it! As you can see. Maybe next year he'll embrace it. I did finally work out later this afternoon that the reason he was cranky all day was that he was teething. That was when he was sat on Craig's knee, chewing his t-shirt like a maniac, with it all wet down the front, and Craig pointed to the t-shirt and said "teething". How could I have missed that? So I felt guilty and gave him 3 icey-pops.

Jack got lots of eggs, Danny got 3 and tried to throw them back into the woods (hated it).

My mum sent some money for Easter presents so we went out and bought some fun toys, including snakes and ladders. Tonight we played it and it was great to spend time like that.

I tried to take a picture of the boys wearing their England t-shirt in honour of St. George's Day as they were playing. Happy St. George's Day (and Happy Birthday Tom & Gemma! X) !!

This is my favourite picture of Jack today ...

I had an hour on my own today too, so went to the new Menards in town. It's a DIY & garden center place (like B&Q or Lowes) but has everything - even food, clothes, kids toys and pet stuff. If it is possible, I am in love with a shop. Where else can you buy lumber and scented candles? It's not Harvey Nichols, darling, more like a DIY shop with a feminine touch!

So tomorrow? Hopefully we'll get outside! But it has not stopped raining & storming for a week and it's forecast for the next week. Last Wednesday night we ran to the basement with the kids at 3am when the tornado sirens went off and last night St. Louis airport was obliterated. Next weekend might get better?


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