It's finals week so teaching is finally over! It's sad to say goodbye to seniors and Au revoir to all other students for the summer but Good Lord am I glad this quarter is over!
During the final exam tonight I had included a math question that was quite difficult. I watched as the students got their phones out to use the calculator but one student from China didn't and when his team mate asked him if he needed one he said "no, I do it all in my head" and he did - in about 10 seconds! I was blown away. He told me afterwards that they learn great math techniques in elementary school. Wow. In elementary school I was eating chewing gum off the floor and playing British Bulldog.

Cody seems to be on the mend - he had a bacterial infection that made him really sick and cost $260 for the vet to diagnose (grrrr). On the upside he's lost 10 pounds so no longer looks like he waddles when he walks. I wish I could lose 10 lbs. Weight Watchers is not going well this month for some reason.

Lastly, here's a picture of the lads last weekend at a high school senior's graduation party that we went to. Don't they look American? I can't get over how American they look.


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