My Family Update

I love this boy to death but good grief can he injure himself. In this picture he is sporting gravel rash from the park & a purple egg on the forehead from running into a wall AGAIN. sigh.

Happy Fathers Day Craig! What a great dad you are. You never lose your temper until you have to and then you say something loud & firmly and they listen. You take them to the park & fishing and swimming and I'm sure that soon canoeing will get added. All day long they've been grabbing your legs or just saying "Happy Fathers Day!" to you. It makes me well-up every time. You are a fabulous dad that knows that you don't have to be a bully to raise a son.

Our first drive-in movie of the year! Kung Foo Panda 2. I can't say enough about drive-in movies and I wish England had them. You can take food & drink, let your kids play and watch a film under a star lit sky. We all love it.

Two weeks from today is Jack's 5th birthday. He drew this birthday picture so I made it into an invite. He's FIVE already. And he had his top off tonight and I looked at his physique and thought No! he's nearly a young man! I wanted to cry. Slow down planet earth, slow down. Please.


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