Frank & Lug Holes

It's been a year since our beloved pussy cat, Frank, died. Good grief that went quick. I have had many intentions of renovating his grave site and seeding grass and tidying it up but I've been avoiding it because when I pass it, mostly each day, and say "Hey Frank!, I still get a lump in the old throat. I do miss him.

But good news today! After 3 failed hearing tests we finally saw a specialist today (I don't know what that makes the previous people) and Jack has got 100% perfect hearing and no need for tubes in his ears! I am beyond happy because tubes would have meant a trip back to Children's Hospital and him going under anaesthetic and having an IV tube in his hand. He is terrified of tubes ever since the last time when student nurses spent about 30 minutes stabbing him looking for a vein. Can't say I blame the lad.

So a poignant time but a happy day. And the weather is just GLORIOUS! Mid 70's and sunny all week. Perfect.


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