Is it my Holidays Yet?

I have started counting the days until I go on vacation. I log the days in my daily Weight Watcher tracker book, along with all my confessions of too much wine and cheese. Anyway, we are going to go to Lake County Michigan to a 3 bedroom fully equipped cottage that overlooks a lake and the good news is we can take Cody. The boys can swim and canoe and fish and look for crabs and things under rocks for hours on end, like I used to as a kid. There's a petting zoo and horses and, well not much else really which is ok. The nearest town is Baldwin and it looks like the nightly attraction is a homemade ice cream parlor. Bliss!

This is the first vacation in years where I have nothing planned - no sightseeing, no driving, no history, no Americana, nothing. And I can't wait. I am going to be LAZY. So lazy that I might not even do laundry or clean the boys faces of chocolate. I might be a real rebel and keep the nail clippers at home (I do hate long nails on my kids and chop them off at every chance). So I'm just going to enjoy my family and not stress out.

But that's a while off yet so should probably live in the present! Tonight we took the boys to a local splash pad and it really warmed my ginnels to hear Danny shouting "I'm wetting my brother!" He absolutely adores Jack.


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