Doing Something Good

There is a resource center in my neighbourhood that helps out needy and homeless people by supplying food, books, housewares, life skills and medical help.

My friend puts on a dinner there once a month and she asked if I wanted to help her by supplying food and serving it, so I said yes. So Jack and I went and we took food and helped serve the dinner to about 50 people, then we stayed on and helped upload a big truck full of several pallets of donated fruit and veg. It was actually hard work - I can't remember the last time I carried boxes of veg and unloaded pallets of melons!

But anyway it was really good. Jack did great, talking with people and helping unload. He's just such a social kid. By the end he was even joking with some people and making them laugh and I thought my heart would explode with pride. As we left he begged me to do it again soon and I said we would. It felt really good giving something back to the community and Craig and I can certainly attest to how rough it is when you don't have enough money for food. When we first came here we had weeks with no food but at least we didn't have kids then. I can't imagine how hard it must be for families if they can't afford to give food to their children, when they know that they are hungry.


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