Head Marbles

There's some stuff rolling around my head today.

Last night was amazing. The British Expats and people from local schools helped me host a dinner at a local center for needy people. There is no better feeling in this world than helping at a place like that. I'm going to be hosting one night each month and I'm already excited about the next.

I started a "21-day challenge" diet thing where I paid $140 for a breakfast shake and food containers and menu plans and workout DVDs. I'm with a group of women and we have a closed Facebook page and egg each other on. Well that's not happening as no one posts. I've posted a couple of times but feel like I got a bit shamed. I posted a picture of crackers and triangular cheese that I aways loved as my Weight Watchers snack as it's only about 100 calories and it makes you feel like you had a crunchy indulgent snack. Straight after my post the lady in charge posted the words "Don't eat CRAP". Nice. That made me feel part of the group, not. Ugh.

I'm training for a 5K. I did two miles yesterday and my shins are killing me. Jack's doing it with me but the slacker is only doing 1 mile.

I've got some personal stuff going on. Sorry to be vague. I know there's nothing more annoying and you want to shake it out of me but I can't say. I'm just seeking love and attention at this point. Sorry.

But life's great actually. We're all grand. It's just the niggly things keeping me awake.


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