Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rewards for the K-Shots

Today I took Jack and Danny for their "well visits" which in England means "annual check-ups". Jack at 7 years old is doing great in all aspects because he's tall and slim and healthy. Daniel is too - he's super tall (96%-ile) and slim and healthy. Then came the shots/vaccinations/injections as we call them in England (I've got no idea at this point which country says which. That happens with a lot of Anglo-American words these days).

Daniel had to have 4 shots. I knew this but did not tell him for fear of hysteria.  As it happened, surprising him did not work either. In fact it was AWFUL. If I had to do this again would I warm him? I don't know, because he would have dreaded it and refused to go. Now he's anti-doctor for the rest of his life I think. He was hysterical and sobbing and I had to hold him down. UGH. Horrible.

Afterwards I took them both for ice cream then got Danny home and made a huge fuss of him. Blanket over his knee, recliner seat, warm milk and the iPad. Hey, he had a bad day.

Tonight he is no less upset. At this point of the proceedings Jack was okay when he had it done (2010) but at least twice tonight Danny came to me and crumpled up and cried and made me promise that he'll never have a shot again. He feels things so deeply that he breaks my heart.

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