Teetering on Spring

It was so nice to get the kids outside. Well let me rephrase that - it's nice that Craig got the boys outside today. I spring cleaned the house with gusto. Hoovered and scrubbed and did all those odd jobs like wiping mucky hand prints off walls and cleaning the floor behind the toilet. I also have a dozen house projects I want to start, like painting the kitchen cabinets and I think I can probably start now that my broken arm's improving. What I didn't expect is that I'd have to work so hard on using my fingers again but that's what is slowing me down. I can't grip very well or lift heavy things. I absolutely can't fire up a lighter either, so it's a good job I don't smoke.

The boys have let me get housework done because they are both obsessed with Minecraft and Terraria (video games) and don't need telling twice to amuse themselves for a couple of hours. I hate not being a more attentive mum but tomorrow I'll spend some better time with them and really, I have to get stuff cleaned. Anyone who insinuates that a clean home is an unhappy home is nuts. There's nothing happy about waking up with dog hair in your mouth and having your feet stick to the bathroom floor.

I love a fire - one of the nice things about the cold weather
New haircut today. No longer looks like Ken Dodd.
Daniel in his usual high-speed mode.
Luke the hamster. Coolest hamster in Ohio. 


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