Snakes & Shakes

This past weekend was a busy one. On Friday we had the our friends Maureen, Lyn & Eric over to discuss a Brit event that we are putting on at our house soon. Of course it ended up with an outdoor fire pit and much drinking and laughing. Saturday we took the boys on a big walk at a local park and had such a great time. We saw garter snakes and deer and a kingfisher among other things. It was great to get outside for a couple of hours and not freeze to death.

Garter snakes just out of their winter nest
Can you spot him?

On Saturday afternoon we had a little boy over to play with my lad then we took them to see "The Muppet Movie Most Wanted" at our favorite spot. We ate pizza and watched the film and snuggled under a blanket. It was great.

On Sunday I got up early and went walking with my friends. We did 4 miles and had a good natter. I love my Sunday morning walks. Then it was housework (ugh!!) and then I took a man to dinner who had travelled across from Maryland to see me for a work thing. At the end of the meal I got the most excruciating headache of my life and I couldn't drive home fast enough to take painkillers and lie down. That nightmare headache stayed with me all night and made me get up at least once to get more medicine. By Monday morning I felt like I'd been through a traumatic event. It's funny how a migraine can do that to you.

My spring 21-day challenge is going okay. I'm drinking the shakes, laying off the wine and eating healthily and walking a lot. I haven't done the exercise dvds like I should be. I have a real aversion to work-out dvds and going to the gym. I don't know what it is but I find them so boring and not my thing at all. I love to walk outside. But walking alone isn't going to shift my bingo wings and get rid of my belly is it, so I probably should at least get the cellophane off the disk and see what it's about. Tomorrow.


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