Feeling Melancholy

It's been weird week. Not weird in an extraordinary or good way, but a week of feeling like things aren't right with the world. I feel off.

It's probably due to my contact lens prescription being wrong. I have to struggle through until they swap them out next Wednesday but feeling like I'm seeing the world through the bottom of an old milk bottle doesn't help this feeling of not being right.

I've had good news this week too. My kids got into the latchkey program at the local school, I'm still motivated to stay off the wine and I'm slowly plugging along on house projects. We're even getting our much coveted porch built! And we're all fine - healthy and happy.

So what is this feeling? Could it be connected to 9/11? Or is the solar storm causing havoc with my hormones? Am I fed-up about my nephew having some trouble lately and my dear friend being sad because she's lonely? Yes to both of those.

And today I got a horrible email off a man that didn't like a newspaper article that I had written, so that hasn't helped matters. He got the wrong end of the stick but instead of asking me about it he went on a tirade and was actually quite nasty and hurtful. That bothers me, how mean people can be from the comfort of their computer chairs.

I miss Linda. I miss my mum & Tom. I miss Leanne. I don't miss wine but maybe that's the thing that's making me feel weird. Round about now I'd have a merry glow about me and I'd be oblivious to all theses feelings of melancholy.

Let's hope tomorrow is better.


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