My Best Mate Bridget

I am slowly but surely turning into the Dowager of Grantham. Next weekend me and Maureen are going to a Saturday morning gardening class at a local church to learn about roses and vegetables. I feel like I should take a tray of fairy cakes with me and maybe some knitting. Let the good times roll! In other "I'm getting old before my time" news, I have been off the wine now for nearly a month and I've started making quilts. If I'm not careful it won't be long before I'm carrying my cat in my handbag and pulling my hankie out of my bra.

To remind myself that I am in fact still a young woman, I have started listening to the audio book of the 3rd installment of Bridget Jones's Diary while I am in my car. I love Bridget. I know she's a made-up person but I can't separate the book character from Renee Zellweger and I do think of her as a friend. I love that, even at 50 now,  she drinks and swears too much and does dizzy things and blurts out inappropriate nonsense to all around her, including her children.  In this third book she's actually making me feel like a much better mum than I thought I was. At least I wash mine after a bout of sickness and diarrhea. But what I'm loving about the book is that its about a 50-year old thinking about herself, having a life outside of being a mum and wife. She still has mates, still gossips and flirts and tries to do her best to be sexy. I need to do those things. Not that I don't enjoy doing charity work or helping out the PTA but I wouldn't add the word "sexy" or "hilarious" to either of those. So long live Bridget! And when the movie comes out I'm going on a girl's night out, sans cat in handbag.


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