Being a Good Friend (not a blurter)

I have a tendency to talk too much, especially when I'm nervous. I can be a bit of a blurter too if I'm not careful. And I'm type A too, so a bit of a handful. Since Eric was type A we fit together well.

Eric's partner Dave is like Craig, fairly quiet and private and definitely not type A, so I've been mulling over and soul searching about how I can be a good friend to him now that Eric's gone. He probably won't want to partake in my 3am Elton John shenanigans, put it that way. I'm crap at cooking so food probably isn't the answer. I know he likes classic cars but I could write down on a match box what I know about that. Most importantly, I don't want to be too pushy and push him away from me. I also don't want to dwell on sadness, but make new memories with him.

As I was rolling all this around in my head this week I got a text message from my friend Rachel who shared this article with me. It's like she read me mind! This is just what I needed. It will guide me as I move forward with those who are in the smaller circle: namely Dave, Eric's mum and siblings. It is such a great article I think everyone should read it.

"How not to say the wrong thing" by Susan Silk & Barry Goldman, LA Times.


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