Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Missing Eric

I know that it's been a week since Eric died and there's big news of Syrian refugees and other world news, but my heart & my thoughts are still with him.  And I'm still randomly crying.

On Thursday night last week, our friends Char & Jan from California flew in (who have been friends with Eric for 30 years and who introduced us) and stayed with us. On Friday night we all went to a gathering at Eric & Dave's house with his mum, his sibling & friends. His mum, sisters and brother are such lovely people. The evening was lovely yet awful. I will post about this later, can't do it now.

Eric's funeral on Saturday was such a loving event. About 200 family and friends were there and they had also sent flowers, so the funeral home was packed with messages from people who loved him.  I can't write about it yet but I might later. After the official ceremony people stood and told funny stories which also included me and him, but I can't do that either.

Well it's pretty obvious that I can't write about things quite yet, but  I will.

This morning, after Craig had gone to work at 7am I had a very vivid dream of Eric then woke with a start. I sat up, heart beating hard, and remembered that we texted each other while I was in England. I jumped up and got my phone and lay in bed and read our texts and his last one to me on August 14th said "XXOO to all".   I cried so hard,  good grief I miss him.

Lastly my friend posted her summer 1-second-a-day video that includes a couple of clips of Eric & I. It hurts to watch it, but it's also so good to see him.

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