Friday, September 18, 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful

It's time to stop being a maunjy-face. Not that I'm depressed ( I have never been and never will be thank God), but I've been a miserable SOB since I got back from England and then lost Eric. I read last night's blog post and thought "there's no way that was even from me"!
No doubt about it I'm still grieving, still unbearably sad, but I'm going to post some more up-beat stuff for myself, my family and for my future self reading, shaking her head about what a miserable git I've been!

So here's 10 Reasons to be cheerful right now:

1. Me, Craig and the boys are all okay. My mum, my family in England are too. After Eric went so suddenly I've been a little paranoid & scared about health issues.

2. Leanne passed her Level 3 hairdressing and is coming next summer. I miss her. She's a lovely girl and, well just nice all round. Her boyfriend Dean is too. I can't wait to do road trips with them.

3. Erika. Since I got back from England she's been my rock. The word "rock" sounds cheesy but actually that's what she's been.

4. My ex-pat friends, Maureen & Lynn, have been my day-to-day buddies. We've all been there for each other recently.

5. Dennis has booked his flights to spend Christmas with us. I will either laugh or drink myself to death. Maybe both. I LOVE this man.

6. My boys crack me up. Still young enough to love their Mum & be sweet, though Jack's on the verge of tween hood.

Getting the "MVP" treatment at the salon
7. We got to spend time with Dave last night. He's the polar opposite from me in personality so I worry that I'll scare him off. But for right now, I'm just glad I got to spend time with him.

8. I get to go back to England in November. I'm going to a conference for 5 days but I'll get to see my family too.

9. The Renaissance Festival was amazing and very funny. Even in my sour mood I laughed just about all day.

10.  We are talking about Craig and the boys joining me when I go back to England for work in spring 2016

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