Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I'm Lucky

I tell you what, I'm lucky.

Since I got back from England, feeling so homesick and then losing Eric, I've had so many friends reach out publicly and privately to send their love. I'm still getting messages from friends just about every day. It makes me feel so loved and also so humble and undeserving. It's got so bad I feel bad, if that makes sense. We British do not do well with compliments. Would rather just plough on.

Life without Eric is a bit duller of course as it always will be. I still get moments where I forget, and then I remember, and I get a punch to the belly and sometimes double over with it.  Not in a "oh look at me, I'm traumatised" way,  just quietly because it feels like someone just gave me a light blow to the stomach.  I thought the pain would be in my heart, but it's in my stomach.

Thankfully I have friends here and my PTA ladies & Erika and Craig and the boys. And in England my family & friends too.

That's why I feel so lucky. I hope Eric's other friends and family have this support too.

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