Christmas & Boxing Day Pix

It was such a great couple of days. These pictures are not in order but I think they represent the 2 days well.

Leanne & Dean on Facetime
Up at 8am and so excited that Santa came!

Chaos. But something I'll miss when they get older. 

A lovely present from Leanne

One of the many stocking stuffers I regretted

This game drove him mad

Leanne & her cat

My mate Mo

Christmas dinner with Den & Maureen

A friend swung by to say Merry Christmas so we asked him to take Den away.
Actually, we asked if he'd taser him but he couldn't. 

For a Christmas Day treat to myself I took my first bath in 6 years. I locked myself in there for at least an hour, with Adele playing on my phone.   Why haven't I been taking baths before now????

Boxing Day night fun with Dave

Dave's new humongous truck


Pick-up sticks queen!

Selfie by my sweetie


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