Sunday, December 06, 2015

Craig's Birthday, Santa Visit & Brit Dinner

What a fabulous few days. We had a Santa visit with the big guy himself, who manages to enchant both of them still. They truly believe this is the real dude, as we've seen the same Santa for years. When he saw them he exclaimed "you boys have grown so much this year!" which freaked them both out a bit, in a good way. As we were leaving, he gave me a magic light from his finger tips and they were both mesmerized by it. Let's keep his going as long as possible!

The Boys & Santa

Craig & Slinky getting festive.  Cats in hats = murderous rage

Boys helped put the tree up. I love my real tree each year. 

Today we had a Christmas dinner with the Expat Brits. I love my Brits. 

This man turned 46 and took the boys roller skating to celebrate bless him.
The day after I took him to see the new Bond movie. 

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