Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Week in San Diego

I had a week away in San Diego last week for work, and not going to lie, it was sweet. The weather was warm and beautiful, I got to spend lots of good times with American and International friends and I learned a little.

The highlights? 

I've been asked to be an advisor to a big group of people I respect and attended their first meeting.

I saw lots of people I love in my industry, some I may never see again. Two in particular, who are old and frail, told me this was their last conference and it breaks my heart to think I won't see them again. One used to be the Field Manager at the Tennessee Titans but he needed my help to exit a taxi we shared and he told me he was "tired" and needed to step away from the conference. 

I took 6 students who with me who were, as usual,  amazing. Anyone who says young people aren't as good as we were "in our day" haven't spent enough time with young people. 

My partners in crime. The few I always party with and love to see. It resulted in 3am bedtime each morning, even when I had to be up at 6am to work, but God we had fun. I laughed so hard each night my sides hurt and I went to bed smiling. 
The only low point?

Missing Craig and the boys. But we Face-timed every day and talked several times a day. And actually, Craig and I had the best conversation we've had in years on FaceTime.   I should go away more often. :)

My lads put a snake in my suitcase. 


At The Top Gun Bar

I'm the only woman. Maybe I should be more assertive? #wimpypeeker

That's better!

View from my room

The journey home. The American south west = BEAUTIFUL, even at 30,000 ft. 

But not as beautiful as Ohio. Flat, snowy, and HOME. 

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