It was hard saying goodbye to Dennis on Monday, as it always is when an English visitor leaves. That sick feeling never gets any better with each visit.

I hope he had a good time, though I'm afraid we weren't very exciting. Craig did manage to get him to Mansfield Reformatory (old prison where the Shawshank Redemption was filmed) and took him shooting but that was about the extent of his visit. We didn't do a big road trip or do anything crazy.  But then it was Christmas and we have 2 young kids and last year we were tapped out after spending crazy money on my car and the trip to England.

Taken by Erika
But he did have a little fling, a little extra special friendship with one of my friends, Jackie, and I think that gave him a little bit of extra sparkle over his holiday. I hope they keep in touch.

Dennis & Jackie

I thought after having Siobhan living with us for 5 months, then Den for 5 weeks that I would feel happy to have my house back to just us, but it feels weird. I feel like an empty nester. I haven't even really been down to the lower floor since he left as it feels empty and cold. Time will help, I know it will.


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