Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Year's Eve & Resolutions

We decided to host a New Year's Eve party, which is something we haven't done in years. In true Pamela style I couldn't decide who not to invite, so pretty much invited the Brits, my neighbors & PTA ladies, plus a few close friends. Turned into a party for about 60 people and 17 kids, which sounds like too much but it wasn't. We made it work, people found little corners of space or hung out on my porch or just enjoyed each other's company in the crowded kitchen.
We laughed A LOT and we drank A LOT.
We rang in the New Year with kisses and clanking glasses and then we laughed some more. I've had a few messages from people after the fact saying how much they loved it. Us too.

Gina & Josephine
Lynn & Fred
Matt & Rosalie
Ann Marie & Charley
Bobby, Jan & Dave
Heather & Erika
PTA ladies!
Dennis & Jackie
Bobby, Dave, me & Angee
Motley crew
Cheeky monkeys
One last selfie
Danny & Bella getting in on the selfie action
Jan & Danny the next day
So a great night then with just a couple of regrets; that I didn't clear away the food before I went to bed (screw it!) only to find the cats had had a feast and spread shrimp tails all over my kitchen floor, and that Eric wasn't there. He'd have loved it and would have been the last to leave. 


Lastly, on to my resolutions for 2016.  
I went to a local bar with Erika and we each documented our resolutions on each other's phone, so I have hers and she has mine.  In 11.5 months time we'll go back to the bar and see how well we fared. 
My list is as follows: Lose 50 lbs, only drink when necessary (see what I did there?), do more for family & close friends, have more baths, and say no and not feel guilty about it.  I do believe that last sentence said something more like "tell more people to go f*** themselves", but in the cold light of day that might come across as a bit unfriendly. 
That's a doable list I think.

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