Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Summer Wish

My youngest rarely asks for anything. He gets drowned out by his older rambunctious, attention-grabbing brother. He flies through life under the radar, happily playing by himself  and neither tattle-tailing or aggressively seeking the limelight. I look at him sometimes and hate that this is how things are. I was also the 2nd child and remember how it feels when you are that age and somewhat left to your own devices.  I don't mean that the 2nd child is neglected in any way, they just don't have the same bright spotlight shone on them all the time and so learn to be a little more self reliant.
Last week Danny had a school trip to a local garden and he loved it. He's asked me several times since, and made me promise, that we'll go back to visit there this summer as a family. In true Daniel style, he hasn't asked me to take him, he's asked if we can enjoy the day as a family
What a great little fella he is.

Daniel on his school trip

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