Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ormskirk Grammar School Memories

An old secondary (high) school friend sent me a Facebook friend request last week, the first friend to reach out, actually.  I HATED high school and never kept in contact with anyone after I left in 1985 aged 16. I went to college and made fantastic friends there and of course I'm in the USA now.

I did wonder about some of the girls at Ormskirk Grammar School as they were such good fun, but I had no idea how to find them since they were probably married and had new surnames.  Enter my old mate, Shelly, who sent the request. Shelly had a baby while she was at school and named him Jack - one of the reasons I loved the name and chose it for my son.  Friending Shelly has quickly spiraled into befriending many of the others, which has been really great.

The reason I hated the school, which was supposedly the best, was because I started in the top class and 5 years later was in the bottom class.  You might say that was my fault, that I was a terrible student. But my later college career would suggest otherwise. The reason I bombed from the top of the pile to the bottom in 5 short years was the appalling teachers and their total lack of interest in students. They were snobby, cruel, and so horrible we found it funny and had nicknames for them all. Their teaching strategy was "if you don't understand the subject, sit at the back and keep quiet".
As I said, vile, appalling teachers.

The school was recently demolished, which gives me no sadness at all.  But I do feel nostalgic and miss these girls. I miss my old self too. I'd give a million dollars to go back and enjoy this first photo all over again, just for 10 minutes.

Me (2nd from left). We were watching a school rugby match and convinced a local reporter to take our picture.
One of the lads is giving the middle finger! Something English boys never did in the 80s! Very strange. 
End of year party with chocolate cake
I'm back middle/right. Shelly is on the left (my right). 


Lisa Lawrence said...

I had to go to boarding school in Australia. We lived in Papua New Guinea. Loathed it. But love reconnecting with old friends

MARK LANE said...

Hi Pam
Wow that was a real blast from the past! I too hated our school and was so painfully shy that I didn't really speak much :) hope life is treating you well. By the way I'm stood in front of you to your left.
Mark Lane x