Made a Big Dent on Projects

We've lived in this house for eleven years this summer, but it still feels quite new so I try and convince myself that updates are not needed. Why paint something we just did last year for heavens sake!  Turns out it was about 8 years ago. So it's time to redecorate and freshen things up and fix things and replace doors eaten by dogs many years ago.  But UGH, the "honey do" list had grown so big that I've been ignoring it. Plus, you know, we have a LIFE.  Do I want to spend time painting doors or hiking with the kids or escaping to Savor for a pint with a friend??

As weather and (bad) luck would have it, we ended up spending ALL weekend inside, cranking out the list. When it's 28 degrees outside and your youngest is a sick as a dog that happens. Plus, soccer was cancelled. As a bonus, I have spent the entire time in pajamas and not showered for two days.

So, this weekend we made huge strides on the bedroom and bathroom make-overs (yes, we are renovating two rooms at the same time, because we aren't stressed enough obviously). We caught up on housework, got Leanne & Dean's flights booked (hurrah!), and I made some progress on the TWO quilts I'm making. TWO. I am definitely batshit crazy. In my defense, I can't work on Danny's till I get some material I ordered from Spoonflower, so I started one for Leanne.

I also got to FaceTime my mate Sue and be extra specially nice to Daniel in his hour of need. It's no fun seeing your kid with a fever and struggling to breath.

So here's a few pictures of the weekend....

Living room - new curtains, lick of paint and a damn good tidy. It'll look like it's usual pigsty by tomorrow.

Replaced door frame and door after Ben ate half of it several years ago.
It's amazing what you can live with if you try hard enough. Notice yellow color on walls? See below.

New door, new color, new bath sealer. Bathroom looks so much better :) 

I'm not posting bedroom "before" and "after" pictures quite yet - I've got a few more things to do before it's done.

We are also painting all the nasty brown chipboard doors white (well very light gray). I HATE those dark brown cheap crappy doors.  It doesn't help when your youngest peels the wood off and draws on it....
Wood filler and a paint job might help....

And here's my scrappy quilts.
The top one is for Leanne (just 2 blocks made so far)  and the other for Daniel (8 made so far). Leanne wanted purple and silver theme, Danny wanted a "sea" theme. I didn't want to make Daniel's babyish as I want him to enjoy it for years, so I avoided any cartoon sea creatures. I can't wait to get the new fabric I ordered, which includes a pop art (Andy Warhol-ish) shark print and a sea monster print with his two absolute favorites - Dunkleosteus and Megalodon.

I might be mad doing two of these but I LOVE quilting. It's my form of meditation.

Leanne's quilt - 2 of 30 blocks done. The fox fabric is to die for and I couldn't resist it. Yes I covet fabric. 
Danny's quilt. Only 2 shown here, but I've done 8 blocks so far. 


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