Monday, May 16, 2016

A weekend avoiding the vacuum cleaner

I wish I'd have rung my mum, my dad, my sister and my mate Sue.
I wish I'd have rung Char & Jan and got an update on when they move home.
I wish I'd have driven out and seen Dave & Bobby's new house.
I wish I'd have gone to a Jamberry party at Susan's house.
I wish I'd have weeded, vacuumed, polished and painted.
I wish that I'd made my boys read more.

But I was a slacker and didn't do any of those things.We watched an outdoor movie at the kids' school, watched soccer games, dropped Danny off at a party, went hiking and finished the top part of Danny's quilt.  I definitely should have vacuumed as we have dog hair like tumble weeds all over the house, but nah. Life is too short to worry about such tedious tasks.

A hike at Battelle Derby Creek

At the nature center

Nice beaver

Slinky loving the fire. In May? Only in Ohio ....

Did my Jamberry nails. Now I just have to shave my legs and lose 50 lbs and I'm pool ready! 
Last soccer game of the season was freezing! Danny had fun. 

Love my lads

Daniel went to an awesome BD party

Finished Daniel's quilt! Now the rough work starts; trimming, batting, backing, quilting, then binding! 

Outside movie event at the kids' school.
Note: most kids playing, mostly adults watching. End result? EVERYONE HAPPY. Definite PTA success. 

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