Jack & His Cello

Jack plays the cello. It wasn't my choice - he WANTED to play the cello when it was offered at school. He begged to play actually and I caved (shut up). It costs me $47/month to rent it but he never practices at home unless I go postal on him. I threaten to stop, but of course I won't because it sounds LOVELY.  The cello is such a wonderful instrument I could listen all day long. Last night I made him play for an hour and he kept rolling his pre-tween eyes at me but I'm so impressed. I can't play a musical instrument to save my life. Can't even whistle without sounding stupid and like I just had a tooth out. When I was Jack's age I mastered the recorder and could play "Greensleeves"  in church but that was the pinnacle of my musical career.

So to lay on the couch and listen to him last night was heavenly. Tonight at the concert he was nervous (he admitted that the last concert his hands were so sweaty he couldn't hold his bow) but I kept giving him thumbs up and big smiles and he did great. 


By the way, I was sat with a music teacher tonight who's kid was also on the stage playing and she said to me "My kid never practices and sounds terrible". And once again I realize we all are just winging this.

He said he wants to carry on. That would be great.


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