Camping Weekend

The curse of the Cub Scouts continued this spring. It didn't matter that Craig switched the camping dates and we all begged Mother Nature to cooperate - she dumped rain on us during a scout camping weekend again.

Friday night I bailed and came home to drink Pinot Grigio on my porch and let the boys get wet and muddy. Erika joined me and we talked nonsense on my porch as usual. It's my therapy.

Saturday I joined them. In for a penny and all that. I was prepared though. Wore my wellies and a good raincoat and actually it was fun. Overnight was not, it was ungodly cold and I didn't sleep a wink so I looked like death the next day. But I'd say 70% good times for me, 100% for the boys. The boys LOVED it. They hunted for Bigfoot, dug in the mud, played kickball, hung out in the woods with friends. The stuff of childhood memories that I had and I want them to have. Success.

One of the parents, David, donned the Bigfoot suit and the kids hunted for him in the woods Saturday night. They have no idea it's a guy in a suit (well some do, but they still think the real deal is out there). I saw him in action and laughed so hard when he jumped out from behind a bush and chased them. Because of the rain the woodland paths were muddy and he was slipping and sliding, trying to run from the pack of scouts out for his blood. At one point he fell over and he told me afterwards he had to take his muddy suit home to wash it and wondered what his wife might think. Haha! The kids will probably beat him up if they ever catch up to him. Jack told me that Bigfoot chased him & scared him so bad he nearly peed himself but he loved it. Good times.

This is such a great group of people. Once again I find myself in a lucky spot.

Jack is now a Webelos 2. He was so excited to get his hiking stick. 

Daniel is now a wolf. I love being his Akela. 

Digging in the volleyball court. He brought a pound of sand home in his clothes 

My Webelos & Wolf


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