Sunday, July 10, 2016

Camper Love

We camped for a second time this weekend and loved it. We love our pop up so much! I could just sit in there all day long and I'd be as happy as a sandboy. While the whole purpose is to set up camp and go out to have fun at the campsite a little bit of me wants to just hide in there all day, reading, listening to music and re-arranging my new camping stuff that I found on Pinterest. I made new valances and tie backs and could happily of sat and looked at them.

Owning a camper is like having a grown up "den" because you feel like you're at one with nature, being adventurous and also you have a special spot just for you. "Just for you" is not normal for me - I go through life thinking I don't deserve or can't afford things, so it feels extravagant and a little self indulgent to have this. But I'm 47 and I deserve it!  I've worked my ass off since I was 13 years old, so I definitely do. Some women want diamonds, this is my thing, my want.  Today Craig said "I wish we'd have bought a camper years ago, thanks for making it happen because I would never have made the plunge. You are more impulsive that me (true) so thanks ".

So this weekend we ....     rode on a boat for 7 hours,  went swimming in the dark (I was scared about that but bit my tongue when Craig & the lads jumped in. I'm a great swimmer but scared of deep water),  went fishing (Jack caught 2 Bluegills), made smores, played cards, abused SIRI and laughed till our sides ached, rode bikes, went to a beach-side birthday party, and the kids played the new and all the rage Pokemon Go game.

My memories are so sweet:

Spending it with friends who swear like sailors, drink like sailors,  reveal all family secrets as soon as they hang out with you (I do too), and live life with a loud, crazy passion.

Jack always tagging along on his bike to escort me and back forth from the bathrooms. He said his favorite part of the day was swimming with me and talking with me.

Daniel swimming up to me and saying "water hug!"  When we got home we watched Rio 2 and he snuggled into my arm and fell asleep.

Craig getting up early each day to enjoy his little bit of alone time and I'd wake up later & see on Facebook that he'd hiked a little or just sat and enjoyed life at the fire pit before making coffee and breakfast and taking care of us all. He's such a good egg, such a good Dad and husband.

Swimming in the lake with my family. I can't think of anything better.

Learning a new card game (called Kidney, but we're going to call it Chicken Liver)

I can't wait to go camping again. Life is good. :)

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