Double Digits

Dear Jack,

Happy 10th Birthday! I'm so glad I know you. You're funny, social, and easy going. You'll eat anything and you'll try anything. In fact you WANT to try everything, whether it's kayaking or tubing or zip lining. You want to know everyone, know everything, and do everything.  You exhaust me sometimes, but I'm secretly proud of you and your thirst for life.

Me and your dad love you to bits. Our hope for you in this 10th year is that you find a little independence, be  a little kinder to your brother, and just keep loving life.  We are very proud of you, happy that you are playing the cello and loving sports and find it easy to make friends.

That's it really my love. We are just proud of you and happy that you love life and are a happy kid. Oh, and you grew 1.5" this year.



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