Monday, July 03, 2017

Jack's Birthday

His two friends since kindergarten 
Jack has turned eleven years old. I know everyone says it flies by, but it really does. I can still remember the second he was born, the feeling of bringing him home from the hospital.

I'm so proud of the young man he is becoming though. He's a big old mix of young man and child at the moment. At Boy Scouts he's a leader, an adventurer, and showing great independence. But he still needs cuddles and he still needs guidance to make good choices and stop harassing his brother. The teen Jack is showing himself sometimes too, with the odd scowl and the need to push boundaries and answer me back. I have to remember that all this is normal. That's it's my job to keep him on track and set boundaries and nag if I have to, because whether he recognizes it or not, he's going to be thankful for some stability over the next few years.

He's first and foremost a home-body. He loves his English family and wants to move back there. He told everyone that when he's 14 he's going to fly by himself and spend the summer there. He wants to live there so badly. He loves his friends in America too of course and spends hours playing outside with them. He's stopped playing cello and and seems a bit lost on what his interests at middle school might be, but we'll deal with that once he gets there.

He's an explorer, a people-person,  a leader,  interested in nature and music (Twenty One Pilots the latest). He loves Boy Scouts and playing outdoors with friends. He loves games with family, especially card games. He loves our animal pets. He plays some video games but much prefers to watch Netflix on his tablet. His latest favorite show is Malcolm in the Middle. He doesn't like to read or write or draw too much. That's an ongoing battle, but not one I'm going to stress about.

Lastly, he grew FOUR INCHES this past year and is right about 5 ft. tall.  I look at him and see a young man developing, and my heart fills with love & pride.

A week at scout camp on his own

Birthday Boy

A birthday sleep-over with friends

At the summit of Coniston Old Man in England

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