The Loss of Two Favorite Uncles

This summer I lost two favourite Uncles in England.  I know what death is inevitable, but it doesn't make it any easier.

Uncle Stan was my mum's brother (she is one of 7 kids and he is the first to go). He served in WW2 and owned a nursery and garden center. He's the reason I got into the horticulture industry as I started work for him when I was 13. He and my Auntie Jean adored each other and raised a huge family. He was one of the nicest men I ever met.

Me with Uncle Stan & Auntie Jean in 2005

Uncle Stan with the Shire horses in Scarisbrick. I love this photo.

Then in June my Uncle John passed away. He is my dad's only brother. Again, a wonderful man who adored his wife, Auntie Elaine, and who lived for his family. He was always learning and loved to engage in conversation about all kinds of topics. He loved traveling and taking photographs and was a keen gardener. His funeral was held during our trip home to England, so we got to go and see family and show our respects. It's incredibly sad that he's gone and my heart aches for my dad.  During the funeral my cousin Kay told a story: He loved his garden and grew lots of roses. At the end, when he was bedridden, they cut his roses and brought them into his room and had the windows wide open, to bring his garden to him. A little sparrow flew in the room and sat by his bedside on his dresser. She felt like it was a sign. It was such a moving story and of course we were all in tears.

My dad's side of the family
Uncle John with my beloved cousin, Kay
Uncle John & Auntie Elaine - a love story


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