Reading This, Watched That

I'm reading "In America" right now by Stephen Fry. The TV series ran in England but not here. I love Stephen Fry and his fantastic way with words. His book is cracking me up on every page as he captures America. He's travelling through each state but I'm so disappointed that he didn't come into Ohio. He has his picture taken on the state line and passes us right by. What a missed opportunity!! How can you not come to the state that was the original wild west, that has Neil Armstrong, John Glenn, The US Air Force Museum, The Wright Brothers, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and one of the largest and most historical football stadiums in the country? Oh well, it's a great book nevertheless. Here's a short trailer for the series:

We just watched the movie Winter's Bone and it was great. Can't say enough good things about it. A word of caution though - if the idea of watching a squirrel being skinned and gutted makes you want to throw up, you may want to have a cushion handy.

I'm not a big telly watcher. Now that Walking Dead has finished I am back to just putting cartoons on for the kids. Craig likes the new Wild Justice series though and much to my chagrin watches Sarah Palin. He watches it to see what stupid stuff she'll do, especially when she goes hunting. I can't watch her anymore that I could watch Glenn Beck or Nick Griffin. They are each far too vile for words.

If any of you have suggestions for good movies that I could get over Christmas please let me know. Next on our Netlifx list is Grown Ups ...


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