Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Real Deal Santa

We took the boys to see Santa today at our local garden center. It's the same place we've been to since Jack was a baby and I'm so pleased because there's a new Santa and he looks real! Even got a real beard and big belly and the staff were telling me that he's in character all the time. This is a major improvement from the man we've seen in the past that wore a big fake beard & made it seem like a chore.
I was very proud of the boys. They were both polite and friendly, though Danny was a bit shell-shocked by the whole thing as you can see!

It's great to look back on this blog and see each Santa visit, and I've linked to each of them, more for my benefit than anyone else's.

Jack at 6 months old in 2006
Jack at 18 months old in 2007
Jack at 2.5 years in 2008
Jack at 3.5 years and Danny at 11 months in 2009

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