Austin, Texas

When I told Jack I was leaving for a few days to go to Texas he had a dicky-fit, followed by a most horrible predication that my plane would crash. Thankfully it didn't.
I like Austin. They pride themselves on being weird and wacky and there's music playing everywhere. The historic "6th Street" is like Bourbon St. in New Orleans or Beale St. in Memphis - it's pedestrianised at night and full of people enjoying the more bohemian things in life. My kind of place then.
I'm here with 1,000 like-minded work people so we all talk shop and visit places we all find fascinating. On the occasion Craig has come with me he's enjoyed the fun times but thinks listening to us all talk about work is about as fun as having his finger nails pulled out with pliers. Fair point.
So Craig is at home with the boys and trying to keep things going during the middle of a snow storm. Jack cries every time I call or Skype but then quickly recovers and Danny will say "Hi Moma!" before getting back to his usual rambunctious self. God I miss them. Every time I see a child my heart aches.
One thing that I have learned on this particular trip is this - ALWAYS take a pair of flat shoes. Right now, I am in agony, having worn heels and walked miles over the last couple of days. I am having dreams of loafers and Hush Puppies (shoes, not those weird corn ball things you can eat) and fluffy slippers.


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