Happy 2nd Birthday Daniel!

Danny is 2! Good grief where did those two years go? Last night we measured him too and he stands a clear 1.5 inches taller than Jack at this age. He's currently 3ft. 2" tall, which apparently means he'll be 6 ft. 4" tall when fully grown. Blimey. I'm going to have to share my small bathroom with two strapping lads.

So what is Danny like at two? Well since he was a newborn Danny has been very headstrong. It may shock some of you to know that I have NEVER fed him solid food. Seriously. Since the age of 6 months, he has insisted on holding his own spoon and feeding himself. I am not exaggerating this point I promise. That's just who he is. He dictates a lot about what he eats and what he does each day and no amount of cajoling, bribing or torturing will sway him. This can be very annoying frustrating at times, but I'm also secretly proud of his confidence.

He's got a very loving side to him too. In the last month especially, he has become very tactile and wants lots of hugs and kisses. He runs and wraps his little arms around us and puckers up for a kiss and it makes me get choked up I'm so in love with him. He's equally loving with Craig - but then I am blessed with a husband who believes dads should be affectionate with their kids and not say idiotic things like "he needs to be a man!"

I do have to say that he's also very intelligent, but who's kid isn't, right? I think he's bright as a button anyway. And what else? Well, he has no fear of people or situations and he's about as rambunctious as it gets. He's a morning person who's up with the lark and he hates to nap. He loves balls, trains and trucks, blocks, and painting. The only telly he loves is Thomas and Yo Gabba Gabba and he can do some awesome dance moves when he's in the mood (note: must capture him on video as there is nothing quite so fantastic as a toddler dancing).

Lastly, he loves his big brother and follows him about. Each morning when he wakes, he jumps into Jack's bed and Jack is the only one that can make him laugh when he's having a melt-down. This morning Jack called him "buddy" and sometimes I'll see them hold hands or tickle each other. It's great to see them like that. I so want them to be best friends.

So Happy Birthday my darling Danny. Enjoy your new toys and your birthday cupcakes (eats the icing, gives the cake to Cody). More than anything, I'm looking forward to having conversations with you and watching your personality flourish this next 12 months. And please try not to give me too many grey hairs.


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