Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chocs Away!

It's 1.25am and I should be in bed seeing as the kids will have me up in 5 hours time, but I just got back from a trip and I'm wired. So I'm sat having a glass of wine and enjoying having my shoes off before I go to bed.

I flew to Hershey, Pennsylvania yesterday (for work) and got back late tonight. I brought home $35 worth of Hershey chocolate. Well you have to really don't you? It was a great trip but blimey I'm glad to be home. From 7.30pm to 11.50pm tonight I sat on the plane with a man who sold telemedicine equipment and who told me all about it IN GREAT DETAIL. While I was thinking please Lord just kill me now. A fork in the eye would be preferable to this agony.

Then on both flights tonight the turbulence was horrific. Truly scary. When we landed in Columbus the pilot banked around over the airport, the plane dipped, wobbled, shook and then the lights went out. You could feel the collective intake of breath and then nothing. No talking or breathing or anything, just absolute silence till we touched down. Phew.

THEN (can you tell I'm wired?), we were all taking it in turns, as you do, to get up from your seat and let the person in front of you exit first, and there was a woman (not a girl, a grown women) behind me trying to shove me along, squeeze past me and generally being a rude cow. So I finally put an end to her shenanigans by spinning my head around, Exorcist-style and giving her a look. BACK OFF. And she did.

So now I'm home. Been in the kids bedroom and given kisses, caught up on email, FB and now blog. One more quick tipple and I'm off to bed to snuggle up to Craig and enjoy the rest of my weekend. There's no place like home.

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