Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Not a Good Way to Drop 5

I had food poisoning yesterday and I'm not sure of the culprit. Smelly cheese or raw veggies possibly. I spend most of the day in bed and went to the loo 13 times (yes, I counted). At one point I did the "lie on the cold tile floor and hope for a quick death" thing too. Although while I was down there it did occur to me what a nice job Craig did with the new travertine tile.

Today I feel much better and am thinking of it as a good start to my diet. What better way to shed 5 pounds in one day! Of course everything I consume for the next week will be stored and held onto. Sometimes it seems like our bodies work against us. It reminds me of a class on transcendental meditation I went to years ago with my friend Wayne. They said we had the ability to think but also to stop thought, to shut our minds down so we have no thoughts. I wanted to raise my hand and say "wouldn't we think "Blimey, I have no thoughts!"? I think they could see me and Wayne weren't taking it too seriously so we left before expulsion.

So back to the diet then. I talked about baby steps a while ago when in fact I did big backward strides. I have hung my lovely jeans in my bedroom to give to me motivation but that's about it. Maybe when it warms up a bit I can venture out for walks ...

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