Danny's Party with Friends

We had Danny's 2nd birthday party today at a local play-gym, which is an American version of a Wacky Warehouse. Ten kids were invited to play, eat pizza and play arcade games and they loved it. Adults tried to have fun and ignore the shrieking.

It was a tad awkward when Craig and I got there first thing this morning when the place was empty and the only other adult in there was our old pediatrician that we dumped! Arghh! Craig whispered to me "is that Dr. B?" and I looked and just at that moment Jack yells at him in great excitement "Dr. B!" and so we had to have a cringey uncomfortable conversation for a few minutes. Thank God he didn't ask why we left him or I'd have had to say "because the last time I came to you my son lay at your feet crying complaining of tummy ache, you ignored him, told me he was making it up and that afternoon he got admitted to hospital you moron". But thankfully we didn't have that conversation.

Anyway, me and Craig made the cake last night and it took us till 11pm and at least two bottles of wine to do! It's surprising how confident you are with an icing bag with a couple of glasses of Chianti inside you.

Our little group, consisted of friends from old day-care, current pre-school, work, and social life. It did occur to me that none of them knew each other, but they were all linked to us, you know, like the 7 steps to Kevin Bacon ha ha ha.

It really doesn't get any better than this for the big D ...


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