My Recent Books

I Just read "Life" by Keith Richards - a biography of sorts but he obviously had help from a writer and from his family and friends offering their memories of the 60's, 70's and 80's. 90's too maybe! Great book though and I have so much respect for him now as a musician. I had no idea that he's written so many Rolling Stones songs and that he's such an awesome guitar player! Like most people, I see a front man like Mick Jagger and think he's the whole thing. The book was entertaining but not as funny as Ozzie's book, probably because it spent a lot of time on music which I suppose it should do. It's also pretty fascinating to read about his relationship with Mick which is very definitely all work and no play. No love lost at all. One of Keith's biggest gripes has always been Mick going off and doing his own gigs but then singing Stones' songs, so when my friend at work told me that Mick performed solo at the Grammys last Sunday I asked "Did he sing a Stones song?" all defensively, like Keith was my mate. It's funny how books make you feel close to a person isn't it.

Now I'm half way through "Memoires of John Lennon", introduced & edited by Yoko Ono and liking it. It's an easy read and I loved John. Favourite songs? She's leaving home (Sgt. Pepper) and Imagine.

Next, and waiting on my coffee table, it's "Decision Points" by GW Bush. Yes, I know I hated the guy in office but I really want to know what the hell he was thinking. I want to read his book and maybe understand why he completely lied and F'd us the way he did. When I picked it up at the library (I had reserved it) I noticed several people giving me the evil eye while I continued to browse books. I wanted to stand on a chair and shout "I hate him too! But I have to know WHY he did what he did!".

I'll give it ONE chapter and if he's too annoying I'll stop. I think I did two chapters of Maggie Thatchers book before I wanted to physically throw up and had to chuck it in the trash. There's only so much you can stomache from some people hey.


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