My Favourite Pix of the Week

It's been a long week! To finish off in style, I had to take Danny to work with me today, bless him. He did okay cooped up in my office for about an hour before he got stir-crazy. It was comical though because in true Danny-style, he kept me (and my Facebook friends) amused with his antics. From the moment I got him there he: pushed the "call for help" button in the elevator, trashed my office, wrote on my desk, emptied my recycle bin, ran off, bashed me over the head with an umbrella, threw food everywhere, and unplugged my Internet. The last thing was the most awful, because I didn't realize he'd done it and I called our IT guy (sorry Brian) to try and troubleshoot it before I figured out what he'd done. Little monkey. Would I take him to work again? In a heartbeat! How can you possibly not like sharing an office with this character?

Jack has a new superhero outfit! He's obsessed with the new tv series "Samurai Power Rangers" and wants to be Kevin - the blue one. He's also undecided right now whether to be Kevin or a trash man when he grows up.

Looking over their plans & deciding how to make their cushion house in the front room.

Once built, they like to work on it with their tools.

Am I the luckiest person on the planet or what?


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