Sunday, June 10, 2012

Getting Ready for Visitors

I meant to get so much more done this weekend, especially since I took Friday off. But alas, I've still got a big 'to do" list before our English visitors (Craig's mum and dad and nephew Luke) get here on Thursday.  Not that I was idle though, as we went strawberry picking, to the pool 3 times, to the library, to Jack's t-ball game and we got some of the guest rooms semi-done.
T-ball, or 1.5 hours of torture as I like to call it
Most importantly, I got all the kids toys stored in the laundry room so that I could free up the whole basement room for Luke. So now he has an en suite room with a pool table and gaming system. We might not see him too much when we are at home! Jack's already asking if he can play down there with Luke but I've told him he has to get an invite and to leave poor Luke alone. Craig's been filling his head full of funny stuff like "Luke LOVES Justin Beiber!" and "Luke LOVES to play with crayons too!" Poor Luke will be pestered to death and will need his little place to hide I reckon.

I did have a horrible thought today while getting the basement room ready. Tutz used to have her litter tray and food & water in the laundry room and we had to fence it off to make sure the dogs didn't get in there. It was a pain pulling the gate across each time but now I am  able to leave the laundry room open. I can also leave the pool table uncovered, knowing that it won't get covered in cat hair (for some reason she loved to sleep on there). So I guess that's two things I don't have to do anymore. I then thought about not having dogs and what it'll be like when the kids have flown the nest and I envisioned a cold, sterile and empty house. Tidy & cold.  So I'm going to try and not stress about mess too much because the alternative sounds horrible. This is a good attitude to have since Ben's had the trash out every time we've left the house this weekend.

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